100 years in…Technology Part 3

Science, Technology 2014-11-21

Like two peas in a pod…iPod Vs average mp3 player

In 2000, digital music players were either big and chunky or small and useless with equally terrible user interfaces. Apple saw the opportunity and announced the release of the iPod, its first portable music player on October 23, 2001.

Sure it was pricey with a $400 price tag, however it turned out to be aesthetically pleasing to everyone.


First ipod

The iPod could compete with both flash-based and hard disk based players. By using a 1.8″ hard disk, Apple was able to make the iPod smaller than most other hard disk mp3 players, small enough to go up against flash-based players, whose capacity was more than an order of magnitude less than the 5Gb available on the iPod. As well as all of that, it also had a spinning wheel on the front of the device to scroll through a list of songs to find the song users wanted to play. The same wheel was also used to control the menus of the system. As a result, it made it easier to navigate through the iPod’s playlist than the comparable Nomad or Compaq mp3 players.


First ipod (2)


The iPod sold beyond everyone’s expectations and went on to revolutionise the entire music industry.


The iPod used a digital music store called iTunes, to download songs onto its 5Gb storage. Usually you had to purchase music from a music store in the form of a record/ tape/CD, however iTunes allowed people to purchase and download music digitally, saving time and money for music listeners and musicians. It was quicker to search for a track on iTunes than to go to a music store to search for it. The download of a track/s was instant which is what made it so popular. It was also cheaper for musicians as they didn’t have to manufacture physical CD/tapes that may not even be sold.

itunes logo 

Ever since iTunes was introduced it has always been the leader in digital music, even up to this day. With over 30 billion songs iTunes has now branched out to all types of entertainment, including TV series and movies.


iTunes has changed the way people who own an iPod, iPad and iPhone device, interact with their phone, as they can purchase digital and portable entertainment on the go.


Here is an interesting fact – over 350 million iPods were sold in 2013.


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