A Year in Marketing

Marketing 2013-06-27

Just as I am coming to the end of my year in industry with Notch Communications, it seems a good time to reflect back on my year in marketing.

Coming straight in from my second year reading Biochemistry, the only experience I had of marketing was the adverts that surrounded my daily life. While aware of marketing campaigns, I could not appreciate any of the work and strategy that went into them.

Coming into the industry was a fantastic opportunity to open a door to an entirely new world. Surrounded by people willing to go out of their way to introduce me to all the strategy and messaging that is crucial to a successful campaign, I was able to learn the ropes and get involved. Having now worked on several pitches, I have been able to see all the stages necessary to a successful outcome.

But the marketing strategy doesn’t stop at the pitch. A great idea has to be executed and, again, I have learned a lot about how ideas are implemented, taken forwards and expanded upon. From the more traditional print advertising to the use of social media, the work being done at Notch Communications factors all of this in.  I have witnessed how all of the integrated work can have a huge impact on Notch’s clients’ goals and push them forwards in a highly competitive industry.

With Notch specialising in the life sciences, pharmaceuticals and aviation industries, not only has my time here directly benefited my knowledge of the scientific industry, but it has also introduced me to new industries.

So overall, what have I learned? Probably too much to list here. From coming in knowing nothing about marketing, I will be leaving very grateful to the people who have taught me so much. So I think there is just time to say a massive thank you to Notch!


Clare Stewart