A unique promotional opportunity

Chemistry World and Royal Society of Chemistry in partnership with Notch Communications offers a unique promotional opportunity.

Reaching >200,000 global visitors every month with a global geographic coverage

Unique and interactive content

  • Each story will be written for you in the Chemistry World editorial style.
  • Your existing videos can be embedded in the story or streamed straight off the page.
  • Alternatively, the Chemistry World video team can be deployed to create new content for you.
  • Infographics, animations, surveys, display ads, ad server content etc. can also be embedded into the HTML.
  • If you have RSS feeds these can also be populated on screen.

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What is it?

Quarterly themed Chemistry World Digital supplements hosted on the Chemistry World website.

Each issue will be live on the Chemistry World website for 3 months (and then available in the CW archives indefinitely).

These themed supplements will identify the importance of chemistry in different areas of scientific endeavour at its interfaces with other disciplines.

Proposed issues for 2018:

Proposed issues for 2018:

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