Lucy’s Week at CPhIWW

Science, Technology 2015-10-22

Last week, Lucy was lucky enough to attend the 26th annual CPhI Worldwide event in Madrid. CPhI is one of the largest pharma gatherings in the world, bringing together 30,000 industry experts and introducing pharma products and solutions across all specialties in the sector. We asked Lucy a few questions about her time in Madrid to gain insight into the event and her experiences.


1. In three words, how would you describe your experience at CPhI Worldwide?

Exciting, busy, successful

2. What was your favourite part of CPhI Worldwide?

Visiting all the fantastic booths, and seeing concepts come to life (from paper to print) including booths, adverts, sponsorship items etc.

Also visiting the Bernabeu Stadium with a client was fantastic.


3. What was the most challenging part of CPhI Worldwide?

The size of the event meant that there was a lot of walking! Good job I had comfy shoes!


4. What most surprised you about the event?

There wasn’t free wifi!


5. How useful do you think the event is for the life sciences industry in terms of networking and generating new business?

Extremely useful, all the key players are there from the industry and it is a great opportunity for networking.


6. How many kilometers did you walk during your time at CPhI Worldwide?

I was averaging 13km per day.


7. While you were there you were lucky enough to visit the Bernabéu Stadium as part of a client event. What was it like touring around one of the most iconic football grounds in the world?

It was a once in a lifetime experience and I feel very happy to have been invited. It was phenomenal.


8. Would you encourage all in the industry to attend this event next year?

Yes, but I would also say that UBM have too much power, so they should be challenged on their prices for key events and extras like wifi.


9. On a similar note, do you plan to attend in Barcelona 2016?



10. Most importantly, what was the best giveaway you received at the event?

Johnson Matthey Fine Chemicals portable phone charger.


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