Lovely to meet you

Peter Brown


Peter has been immersed in the Life Science industry for three decades, making a difference to pharmaceutical and biotech corporations around the world. He has worked for three of the world’s largest advertising agencies before founding Notch with Kate Whelan. His interests include rugby union and Formula 1. Peter conquered Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Schools for Kenya, to build schools for the Masai Mara tribes. In his spare time you’ll find him honing his culinary skills in the kitchen.

Kate Whelan

COO & Head of Notch Scandinavia

Kate completed a PhD and 3 years’ postdoctoral research on spinal cord injury at the University of Cambridge, Centre for Brain Repair, before moving into PR, branding and advertising for life science companies. Kate co-founded Notch with Peter in 2011 and now heads up Notch Scandinavia, where she is largely involved in clients’ marketing strategy, PR and technical writing. She enjoys keeping in touch with scientific discoveries, as well as ice skating, running and learning Swedish.

Simon Whelan

Head of Scientific Advisory

Simon is a Group Leader at Uppsala University’s Evolutionary Biology Centre, where he leads a research lab focused on using our knowledge of evolution to develop tools for understanding and studying genomes. His work includes the first full comparisons between mammalian genomes and he’s developed several widely used methods for comparing proteins. After his PhD at the University of Cambridge he held research positions at the European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, and University of Manchester, UK. He enjoys exploring the countryside through running and hiking, playing the guitar, and improving his Swedish.

Lucy Stone

Senior Account Manager

Lucy is a Chemistry graduate from the University of Sheffield. After her undergraduate degree she decided to continue on at Sheffield, completing a Masters degree in the development of ruthenium macrocycle complexes with Dr Jim Thomas. In her spare time at University she wrote articles for the department’s chemistry magazine. She enjoys travelling the world and has attended key industry events in the US and Europe. She enjoys playing sport and her claim to fame was being a stunt double for a sailing scene in Poirot.

Lauren Martin

Senior Account Manager

Lauren’s background is in strategic branding and marketing, following a Marketing Management degree from the University of Manchester. She has worked on a number of global life sciences accounts at Notch, encompassing all aspects of branding and marketing. Lauren also has experience working on global campaigns and digital transitions for big pharma, and has led  consumer marketing and comms initiatives across the US, Europe and China.

Pranika Sivakumar

Content Manager

Pranika is a Neuroscience graduate from the University of Manchester. During her year’s internship at Notch she quickly became a key member of the team and discovered her natural talent for content development and creative social campaigns. After completing her degree Pranika returned to the company, where she manages all content produced at Notch. In her spare time Pranika enjoys keeping up with cricket and football (and is a firm believer that North London is red). Pranika loves the outdoors and, rain or shine, will always enjoy her long walk to and from work.

Marion Gaubert

Creative Planner

Marion holds a first class Masters in Creative Advertising from Manchester Metropolitan University. She has a passion for design, marketing and crafts, and decided to specialise in advertising after her Masters in International Business and Marketing at a French business school. She fulfilled her dream of living abroad by moving to Finland, Australia and eventually settling in England. She tries not to forget about her French roots by complaining about English food and riding her bicycle to work.

Helen Elmes

Account Manager

Helen has a Masters in Chemistry from The University of Sheffield. Before completing her final year Helen undertook an internship at Notch where she flourished in organising key projects and demonstrating her outstanding writing skills. At Notch, Helen both works with the account management team and assists the content team, in particular utilising the skills she gained as Social Media Coordinator of the university’s chemistry magazine during her degree. Outside of the office, Helen loves developing her competitive orienteering skills and her 6am spin class.

Tori Blakeman

PR Account Manager & Writer

Tori has a MSc in Science Communication from Imperial College London, and a BSc in Neuroscience from the University of Manchester. She has published academically in the field of circadian clocks and breast cancer, and has extensive science journalism experience with multiple publications, including The Guardian. Beyond her avid interest in science communication, Tori’s second love is for dance. She regularly attends classes in contemporary, tap and yoga in her spare time. At Notch, Tori heads up PR and writes content for web and social.

Joseph Clarke

Scientific Writer/Editor

Joe completed his PhD in theoretical chemistry at the University of Sheffield in 2018. During his PhD he assisted in publicising the chemistry department, which included time spent as graphical editor for the magazine Resonance. At Notch, Joe works as a science writer and editor. Living and commuting from Sheffield, Joe enjoys the simple pleasures of the Peak District landscape, escaping to the countryside at every available possibility. In evenings he can be found either at the gym or with a controller in hand.

Leo Bear-McGuinness

Scientific Writer/Editor

Leo has an MSc in Science Communication from the University of Edinburgh, and a BSc in Biology from Newcastle University. He has written and produced a number of videos with the American media company TED, which, when combined, have over a million views. At Notch, Leo writes content for print, web, and social. When not writing, he can often be found lamenting his last pastry and looking for his next.