The Art
of Science

We are a strategic and creative B2B marketing agency, highly focused on science and technology markets. We work closely with our clients to develop and establish brands that showcase the creativity and innovation behind their science, and differentiate their position in their market.

Thanks to our renowned strategic thinking, deep scientific understanding and inspired creative work, we have become a real strategic partner to many life science, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals companies all around the world. From integrated global marketing to customised PR, brand strategy, advertising and social media campaigns, we reveal the creativity behind your scientific innovations.

‘Top Notch’ people

A dynamic multidisciplinary team of scientists who know your industry inside out

At Notch we work with a lively bunch of creatives and scientists. Our workforce is wonderfully diverse and our teams are extremely accomplished across their fields of expertise. We have found that this mix has really helped to drive us forward in producing top quality work. It also makes us really appreciate and enjoy all elements of the processes required to deliver valued, lasting results for our clients. Meet the team

The key to life

Our name stems from the ‘notch signalling pathway’.

This acts as an interface and is the way in which vital messages are relayed between cells during development.

Successful life depends on notch, especially during development. In fact without notch, the communications in developing life would fail.

Given our combined expertise in scientific and technology marketing, Notch seemed the perfect agency name.
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  • February 8, 2018

  • Category: Featured

  • Notch wins new four-year contract with the Centre for Process Innovation

Notch Communications is pleased to announce that we have secured a 4-year marketing and communications contract with one of our existing clients, the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), the process element of the UK Government’s […]

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We are where you are

Notch works with clients throughout the USA, Europe and Asia.

With headquarters in Manchester, UK and offices in Sweden, we work with some of the biggest names worldwide in the life science and pharmaceutical industries and we attend major industry events across the globe. Our experiences working with companies from different cultures has allowed us to develop a diverse range of marketing strategies, to suit their customers’ needs.
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“Working with Notch has been tremendous for us. We have learnt a lot about our brand and how to relate this to customer experience.”

Divisional Marketing Director, Johnson Matthey

The right mix

Our knowledge

Notch may have specialist knowledge within marketing, but we also know your industry inside out. Science is in our nature and is at the heart of everything we know and love. We combine decades of experience with deep expertise and backgrounds across multiple science disciplines including chemistry, neuroscience and biology. Our ability to completely recognise what will work for you is what gives us the power to unlock your brilliance.

Our industry

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in creating brilliance for some of the largest corporations in the life science industry. We have worked with clients ranging from medical diagnostic providers to fine chemical corporations, facilitating our in-depth knowledge of all fields of the industry. Combining experience, big thinking and deep understanding allows us to continue crafting extremely successful marketing strategies for all our clients.

Our insights

Any successful marketing relationship begins with a thorough understanding of your company, your ethos, your products and services and your audiences, too. That’s exactly what Notch does. We delve deeper into what your company is about and what sets you apart from your competitors, and this forms the foundations of your completely unique and tailored marketing strategy.

Our methods

Here at Notch we dig deeper, look harder and think bigger than any of our competitors to give our clients a transparent marketing strategy that gives the maximum return on investment. At Notch we don’t call on pre-conceived ideas or preferred routes to market. Instead, we identify the most appropriate marketing strategy for your business – and establish how we could add real value.

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