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A powerful way to increase your credibility and brand awareness is through robust editorial planning. As a global PR agency, our extensive knowledge of the worldwide trade media landscape enables us to develop year-round editorial plans, establishing and maintaining a presence for your brand. We select on-trend topics in relevant publications that position you in front of the right people at the right time.

We can also align articles to major distribution events or news, capitalising on industry conferences to ensure your audience hears about your service offering.

When we write about your business, we leverage our deep pool of scientifically trained writers to speak succinctly and competently about your products and services while adhering to any brand guidelines or tone of voice requirements you might have.


Speaking with authority unlocks new opportunities for your brand. Thought leaders’ opinions carry more weight within the industry, enabling them to guide the conversation and enhance their business image.

At Notch, we can position your brand and your people as thought leaders. Typically, this involves working closely with our clients to develop an intimate understanding of their service offering. Our team of scientifically trained writers then take this and develop unique, stand-out communication that stays true to our client’s vision, offerings and passion.

From podcasts to panel support, we can then help you create a wide range of thought-provoking content that will establish your authority and maximise your reach.

Together, we can help your audience recognise and respect your brand.



Your message may sound right, but if you don’t get it in front of the right audiences, you’re not capitalising on its full potential!

Here at Notch, we have over 1,000 links to trade media publications, so we can get your media where you need it most. We can develop strong media plans, aligning with your short and long-term business plans while keeping your brand messaging consistent to hit the full breadth of your target audience.

And with our network of connections, we can negotiate on your behalf, securing you the best placement possible for your media strategy.



When you’ve got a piece of exciting news, it’s only natural to share this far and wide. With our extensive media connections, we can make this happen. Our team will help you develop a PR strategy that’s tailored to your company’s needs and publish your news in front of the right audience.

Our scientific writing team will liaise with you to produce engaging and impactful press releases. No matter how technical the topic, Notch can optimise the content in your press release to maximise press pickup while aligning to any overarching key messages.

Then, it’s time to spread the word. We will distribute your news to a carefully curated list of relevant publications and editors in your sector. Following this, we utilise our trade media connections to secure high quality coverage and initiate conversations with the media, to continue to grow your presence within the sector. We will always provide feedback and suggest any alterations to the strategy based on press release performance, allowing continual improvement and relevancy.